Code of Ethics

We are guided by the following ethical principles and values in everything that we do.

We participate in the democratic process by explaining and interpreting public policy to clients in a fair and reasonable manner.

We avoid positions of conflict of interest and refrain from accepting assignments that might tend to discredit us or the practice of government relations. We are honest with clients and potential clients about their chances of success on their issue or procurement. We do not knowingly provide misleading or inaccurate information to government officials.

We provide professional services of the highest quality in a manner that reflects the integrity of both the firm and the practice of government relations. We avoid making promises or commitments to clients that may imply influence over ministers, politicians or government officials. We fully respect the post employment guidelines established by governments in hiring former government employees and, where such guidelines do not exist, respect the previous employer's confidentiality. We work on a fee-for-service basis and do not accept contingency fees.

We refuse retainers or other remuneration from any government Crown corporation without the Crown corporation’s having received the consent of the appropriate department head or responsible Minister. We promote honest and open dialogue between our clients and governments.

We respect the confidence of clients and do not reveal confidential or private information obtained during the professional relationship, except where expressly or implicitly authorized by the client or where required by law.

SAMCI's contract with each client states our commitment to "not work for, or perform any services for, any other person, firm or corporation in a related field of business if a direct conflict would be the result of such work".

We do not knowingly place anyone holding public office, elected or otherwise, in a position of conflict of interest.