The SAMCI Advantage

SAMCI’s consistent client value is based on accurate, current information, careful analysis and insightful and creative strategic thinking. Detailed research and analysis, widespread contact through all political and bureaucratic levels of government, and straightforward and transparent action support this.

Twenty-five years of success in solving clients’ problems have taught us that sound proposals and innovative solutions open doors, no matter which political party is in government. Our approach is based on cooperation, not confrontation. In our experience, solutions are only possible when you stay at the table.

SAMCI was the first major Canadian government relations firm to adopt a written Code of Ethics, in 1986. Our commitment to non-partisan consulting and bridging the communications and culture gap between government and our clients produce results for clients with governments of every political stripe, federally, provincially and municipally.

Dispelling the Myth of Access

Often, people describe the work we do as opening doors for clients. Sometimes, this reflects the view that governments' doors are closed except to those who know the password.

Some government relations practitioners talk about their access to this politician or that civil servant, as if they had some special advantage. It's not like that.

Access to government decision-makers, both political and in the civil service, is not a measure of a government relations firm's value to its clients, because governments’ doors are open to all - government relations consultants, business people and citizens. We've been walking through those doors on behalf of Canadian and international clients for twenty-five years, and have never been asked for a password or the name of the important friend who sent us.

Our value to our clients is ensuring that they make the most effective use possible of the access that was already theirs.

It's important to be clear about this, because the myth of access is personally and professionally insulting to the people in government and in our business who take their responsibilities seriously and work hard to create sound policies, laws and regulations in the interest of all Canadians.