Consulting Services
Strategic Planning and issue determination
SAMCI assesses the problem and proposes the most effective course of action. We work with clients to develop and implement government relations strategies. More Details
Assistance on achieving regulatory, legislative or policy changes
This can include policy development, analysis of technical alternatives, identifying and working with third-party allies, working with civil service officials to build support for preferred options, drafting briefs and submissions, and preparing for appearances at government committees.
Information and strategic advice
This can include information and analysis on government policy, priorities and directions, delivered through custom-designed briefings, same-day substantive analysis of major government announcements, and acting as an early warning system on emerging issues. 
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Daily monitoring of legislative activity, progress of legislation, government announcements, ministerial speeches, opposition and NGO websites and media coverage, to alert clients of news specific to their priority issue or concerns.
Building and supporting coalitions when an issue is of concern to multiple companies or organizations.  SAMCI has unmatched national experience in organizing and managing coalition advocacy efforts, as well as internal dynamics.

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We conduct executive seminars for CEOs and senior company representatives. We equip our clients with the tools necessary for success in dealing with governments.

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Profile raising
We devise custom programs to keep government informed of changes in a client's company or industry, review company priorities and directions, and offer company-specific expertise in addressing emerging issues.
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Local Contact and grassroots communications

We design and implement custom programs to maintain regular, coordinated contact with local politicians and government officials and to funnel concerns of local stakeholders to political leaders and relevant senior officials

Government relations audits
We benchmark your company’s or industry’s government relations performance through custom-tailored analysis and make strategic recommendations on improving your relationships with governments.

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